Police officers, community organizers and volunteers unite to spearhead community improvements with the Porch Light Project and other activities.

Failing at Education...

For a brief moment I wanted to slap the self-righteous smirk off her face. Except that’s not me. I don’t believe violence solves anything. And, anyway, this person didn’t realize that she was flaunting her white privilege and showing her ignorance of the reality of being poor. She was oblivious.

The subject of education had come up, and I can’t for the life of me remember how we got on the topic. She was almost a stranger to me and there are some things I rarely discuss with people I do not know very well. That’s also just me. – see the rest of this story HERE.

Voting Rights and Voting Wrongs.

We're in the thick of the next election cycle. Here's a few things you should consider about who's allowed to vote in our country and who is not. And why?

Please vote. Exercise your right to choose who our leaders are and what our future will look like.

Stephen Colbert with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson.

Many people are uncomfortable discussing race. Stephen Colbert enters that territory to learn about Black Lives Matter – what the movement is, how and why it seeks justice. Watch him make it a comfortable setting and listen to DeRay McKesson who has some answers for him.

An example of Jim Crow still exists in St. Louis education.

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