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The Free Speech Journal’s purpose is to provide a forum for civil conversations about many aspects of our society today including the biases, prejudices, privileges, bigotry, stigmas and taboos that exist across the American landscape and prevent us from attaining the full promise of the United States: equality, dignity and opportunity for everyone.


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This online magazine, the Free Speech Journal, is the result of collaboration between the publisher and a team of contributors who are concerned citizens and want to develop civil conversations about human rights, civil rights, equality, fairness,  education, employment, diversity, opportunity and other issues that are often assumed to exist in America, but through prejudice, bigotry and unfamiliarity have not been made available to every American.


The editorial team is comprised of activists, clergy, politicians, lawyers, community organizers, writers, artists, students and many other ordinary people who have something to say and have contributed their time and talent to say it here.


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Denver, Co. downtown pedestrian area. Wherever you go in the United States, you'll find people who look different than you, act different from you, and have very different backgrounds and values from yours. Consider your feelings as you look at these three individuals? What implicit biases manifest themselves? Now Google "implicit bias" and learn how this impacts our relationships with our fellow man.

Education in the City public schools. Another focus of this magazine is to equalize the playing field for all children - no matter what their zip code, race, or family situation. Right now, school districts throughout the St. Louis region have disparate funding, based on local property taxes. A unified school district could create a "quality of education" standard that would be the same for children in North St. Louis as it is in Clayton, Mo.

The Free Speech Journal supports the work of the Ferguson Commission. We are also very interested in other community activities where work is being done to improve understanding between all peoples.


If you are active in an organization working to improve human and civil rights, let us know where you will be and, if we can, we would like to cover your meetings, protests, and demonstrations. We were at the Ferguson Commission Meeting, June 22, 2015 at Meramec Community College.

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