Answering the tough questions: an intense intervention.

As many in our city mourn the needless killing of a nine-year old Ferguson girl, the victim of a random shooting while doing her homework at home, and following another evening of overly-aggressive police confrontation of protestors in North St. Louis, I have the urge to just yell, “STOP IT!.
But, while reflecting on all of this and trying to channel my anger toward a way to positively effect change, I hear echoes of people saying, “such terrible things are happening in St. Louis,” and “why are the blacks and protesters still agitating?” Well, maybe the “blacks and protesters” have good reason to agitate. After all, it’s only been hundreds of years where they were either in slavery or treated as fourth class citizens, if even that!
Do some people even think anymore? Have many of our fellow countrymen ever acquired the knack of critical thinking? Do they know how to distinguish between their petty fears and prejudices to get past all that to realize that those things make them miserable, ignorant people – and a much happier, richer life is there for them to enjoy if they could learn to love all people as much as they love themselves?
Recently, I was shown a video of a discussion group between men of different races who were trying to hash out why people continue to look at others of another color differently, and thereby treat them differently (usually poorly).
This is a short video. Watch it. Then let me know what you thought, please?

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