Drum on to build a better Ferguson; a year after Michael Brown's death.

It's been going on now for a few weeks. The nightly assembly of Ferguson residents and area activists has fast become a tradition - across the street from the Ferguson Police Station and Municipal Courts Building.
Tensions are still visible in many ways. That is understood by the police officers (who walk over every night to visit with the protesters) and the holding signs or beating drums as an audible reminder of their intention to be heard. Everyone recognizes the gulf between the City of Ferguson and many of its citizens. There is still work to be done. But both sides appear to be trying to understand each other and many have already struck up friendships despite being on opposite sides - for now.
On this Friday night (August 7) preceding the first anniversary of unarmed Michael Brown's shooting by a Ferguson police officer, newly-elected Ferguson City Council Member Wesley Bell was also on hand, as well as several CNN news crews ready to report the good or bad outcome of the evening.

Photography by Chuck Ramsay

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