Family and activists mark one year of Kajieme Powell's shooting.

On August 19, 2014, one year ago today – just 10 days following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Kajieme Powell, then 25, was fatally shot outside of a local market in North St. Louis on Riverview Boulevard after he purportedly had stolen some sodas from the store and was outside waving around a pocket knife. Powell, who was known to have mental health issues, was being boisterous, and the entire scene also was being videotaped by a bystander.
When two St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officers arrived on the scene they confronted the agitated Kajieme and after the flash of just 23 seconds, fired on him and killed him. Watch the video here.
Today, his family, friends, the young man who had videotaped the scene, and Jermaine Wooten, the attorney representing Kajieme’s legal interests in a wrongful death lawsuit, held a vigil at Kiener Plaza and spoke to mark the anniversary of his death and to plead for the Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce to finally charge the officers with this unnecessary killing and to set the stage for the dismissal of Chief of Police Sam Dotson and other police officials who had lied on camera about the circumstances of the shooting before they knew the video presented here existed. The Circuit Attorney has said her “office will take a fresh look” at the case. The names of the officers involved in the shooting have never been released.
Following the vigil at Kiener Plaza, where23 balloons were released into the air and then those gathered accompanied the family to the steps of the Callahan Courthouse at Tucker and Market Streets.

WARNING: Video content is graphic.

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