How to contribute a story or photo essay to the Free Speech Journal.

While we often solicit articles from community leaders, activists, academia, clergy, elected officials and others, we will consider publishing non-solicited articles as well. Our guidelines for submission of articles appear below:

Once a story idea is accepted, it should be limited to approximately 400 to 800 words .

Run the idea for your article by us.
Send your idea for an article to the Managing Editor for consideration via email. Include in the email your full contact information: Name, mailing address, email address, phone number and a brief description of what you do or your perspective relative to the story you are interested in submitting.

We will respond to your proposal for an article as soon as possible.

If your topic or concept is accepted, we'll help you get the ball rolling.
After reviewing your story idea of photo essay concept, we will always respond to you with our intent to publish or not. At this time, we do not provide any compensation for publishing articles or photo essays, but will include a byline consisting of your name and a title (based on your position of employment or the description of what you do) that will accompany your submission.

Your manuscript (ms) may be edited prior to publication to the extent of correcting grammar, spelling and to fit with our editorial style (based on AP Style) for readability and consistency. These edits will always be done without changing your context or meaning of the ms.

Once we (The Free Speech Journal) agree to publish your article, we will ask you to send your article via email in a Word doc. If you are submitting a photo essay, we will make arrangements for you to upload .Tif files to our Dropbox account. That way we can size and optimize your photos for best reproduction in the magazine. In some situations, we may arrange to take photos that support your story.

With your submission you will be asked to agree to give The Free Speech Journal full permission to reproduce your article and/or photographs on this website for others to read and enjoy. You will be giving the first North American Serial Rights to the article. Your permission will require you to sign a full and formal model and publication release.

We appreciate your interest and desire to contribute to the conversation about human rights, civil rights, social justice, equality, education, diversity, opportunity, or any other topic that helps people learn to live together peacefully in a fair and just society and exercise respect towards each other.

Your choice to speak in a positive tone and be heard always enriches the conversation. We hope to hear from you soon.

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