Three takes on white privilege for naysayers and allies alike.

The Promise: A Lesson in White Privilege by Phyllis Unterschuetz, author. A down-to-Earth story relating an encounter with an African-American waitress and the lessons she learned that day. This is her revelation on empathy towards others.

This is a lesson from a young, hip woman, who happens to be working on her Master’s in  Philosophy, and who gets white privilege and why white people hate talking about it. She candidly explains the realities of the double standard applied to whites and blacks (and other minorities too). She talks about our implicit bias in everyday “street” terms that anyone can understand and relate to. Watch it as she delves into why Black Lives Matter is important and All Lives Matter is not relevant at this time.

This short video begins part way through one of Tim Wise’s talks. So don’t be confused. Just listen to this noted author, professor and national lecturer as he walks us through some real history to how America systematically developed an economy and a society that favors white people and holds down black people.  Based in facts, but not without some humor, Wise shows us that the black stereotype many whites project is built upon myths developed to “keep them down.” This honest and open discussion can help you understand why people of all colors are once again speaking out and seeking justice.

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