United We Fight: a march, a rally, a festival honoring the memories of those who gave their lives in St. Louis in the last year.

The march, rally and festival held in the early afternoon of August 8, 2015  was a visible and audible statement by a diverse group who both honored Michael Brown, Vonderrit Myer and others who were killed by police over the past year.
Estimated at 1,000 strong, the march began at Shaw and Klemm, the spot where Vonderrit Myer had been shot by an off-duty police officer going on a year now, and moved to Grand Avenue, then down Grand to Arsenal, where the solemn march became a memorial gathering and then a more social event to bring people together.
The family of Vonderrit Myer lead the parade and moments of silence were held for both young men at Ritz Park on South Grand Boulevard.
The message of the day included "Black Lives Matter" and "stop the violence."

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